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‘Oriental Session’ zondag 28 oktober in Casa Bruti Scheveningen

An Oriental CASA BRUTI SESSION featuring Sattar AlSaadi from Baghdad, a true Master on traditional Percussion and on the Nay flute, the mighty 78 years old traditional singer from Baghdad ALI AL JADHA and the amazing Carolien Devilee on Piano & Vocals, who will also sing in Arabic and in Ladino, the old language spoken by the Jewish Sephardic community in Spain.
An enchanting musical journey through the rich and ancient landscape of classical Arabic music, traditional music from Iraq and the Jewish music of Sephardic origin, performed by three outstanding musicians….

Concert including Italian starters, Brutiful Pasta and coffee with traditional sweets from Iraq: 25 euro
Reservations via [email protected]

17.00H Casa Bruti open
17.45H Italian starters
18.30H First music set
19.15H Pasta and coffee break
20.00H Second and final music set

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